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Articles from Daily Newsletter on May 20, 2012 reads comments
Preliminary results from an ongoing, large-scale study by Yale School of Medicine researchers shows that oxytocin increased brain function in regions that process social information. (05/20/12) 1426 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on May 11, 2012 reads comments
Hospitals that perform expensive, invasive cardiovascular procedures on a disproportionate number of patients are more costly for all heart failure patient. (05/11/12) 1101 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on May 01, 2012 reads comments
Reviewing heart attack cases during monthly meetings with emergency medical services and maintaining a positive working environment are two of the relatively inexpensive strategies that can reduce mortality rates. (05/01/12) 1099 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 30, 2012 reads comments
Using "random lasers" as a source of illumination in medical imaging equipment could improve both processing time and the clarity of the final images. (04/30/12) 1179 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 26, 2012 reads comments
Seasonal allergies may be a sign that your immune system is doing what nature intended it to do — protect you against environmental toxins that are far more harmful than pollen. (04/26/12) 1091 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 11, 2012 reads comments
People who received frequent dental X-rays in the past have an increased risk of developing a meningioma, the most common type of non-cancerous brain tumor. (04/11/12) 1818 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 04, 2012 reads comments
Problem drinkers who end up in hospital emergency departments are more likely to curtail their binge drinking if they receive physician counseling on the spot. (04/04/12) 1041 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 16, 2012 reads comments
Exposure to radiation from cell phones during pregnancy affects the brain development of offspring, potentially leading to hyperactivity, Yale School of Medicine researchers have determined. (03/16/12) 1147 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 22, 2012 reads comments
When first exposed to cocaine, the adolescent brain launches a strong defensive reaction designed to minimize the drug's effects, Yale and other scientists have found. (02/22/12) 1204 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 21, 2012 reads comments
Presenting obese individuals in a positive, non-stereotypical manner in the media could help reduce weight-biased attitudes held by the public. (02/21/12) 1566 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 15, 2012 reads comments
A worker was killed when he fell off the roof on a job site in Shelton. (02/15/12) 659 add
Police in Milford and West Haven are investigating a recent string of armed hotel robberies. (02/15/12) 808 add
Brent Larrabee was sworn in as the interim police chief of East Haven in a private ceremony Tuesday morning. (02/15/12) 737 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 14, 2012 reads comments
Two high school students were arrested Monday for a recent string of home burglaries in Bristol. (02/14/12) 869 add
The town of Griswold has come together to raise money for a family that lost nearly everything in a fire. (02/14/12) 767 add
A Waterbury businesswoman is fighting web retailer Amazon.com for thousands of dollars that she says the company owes her. (02/14/12) 916 add
A city wide effort to show New London's appreciation of the Coast Guard started a few weeks ago and Monday some of the city's youngest ambassadors did their part. (02/14/12) 752 add
A federal judge in Connecticut has rejected a second bid by Yale University to throw out all the allegations in a lawsuit filed by a South Korean university that claims it lost tens of millions of dollars after Yale damaged its reputation. (02/14/12) 653 add
Norwalk Police detectives are investigating an incident in which four slugs were fired into an apartment on Chestnut Street Sunday night. (02/14/12) 828 add
New Haven police are looking for two suspects after the Five Guys Burgers and Fries at 71 Amity Road was robbed Sunday night. (02/14/12) 941 add
The man who saw his three daughters die in the Stamford Christmas day fire is set to take legal action. (02/14/12) 677 add
Police are looking for a bank robber and his getaway car following a robbery at the Orange Chase bank. (02/14/12) 957 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 13, 2012 reads comments
Police have identified a man whose body was pulled from the Mill River in New Haven Saturday. (02/13/12) 885 add
More than 1,000 prisoners in Connecticut have never returned after walking away from halfway houses or parole. (02/13/12) 701 add
A man reported an attempted abduction Saturday to divert police while he robbed a bank in Naugatuck. (02/13/12) 917 add
After going dark more than four decades ago, the Great Captains Island lighthouse is shining once more. (02/13/12) 657 add
3-year-old taken in carjacking found unharmed. (02/13/12) 624 add
When it comes to chatting on the phone or texting while driving, it's the men who are more often the culprits. (02/13/12) 711 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 12, 2012 reads comments
Police are searching for a suspect wanted for robbing a Tolland cafe on Saturday. (02/12/12) 724 add
Two park rangers came across a grisly discovery in the Mill River Saturday: the corpse of a man believed to be in his 20s or 30s. (02/12/12) 631 add
A Bridgeport man was taken to the hospital after being stabbed during an altercation at a local club. (02/12/12) 915 add
Police are on the scene in Meriden after a tractor trailer hit a bridge Saturday. (02/12/12) 660 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 11, 2012 reads comments
At a restaurant in Southbury, one young, hard-working waiter is being surprised with a scholarship. (02/11/12) 729 add
Police are looking for a man involved in the attempted abduction of two 12-year-old girls. (02/11/12) 774 add
A good Samaritan generously put up three strangers who were evicted from their Bridgeport apartment after seeing their story on News 8. (02/11/12) 750 add
A pedestrian was severely injured early Friday when he was hit by a car at Goffe and Sperry streets. (02/11/12) 617 add
A former Granby police captain who pleaded guilty to federal child pornography charges is being sentenced today. (02/11/12) 896 add
Research conducted at Yale shows that a C-section delivery is associated with breathing problems in preterm babies who are small for gestational age. (02/11/12) 1125 add
A six car accident closed down one lane on I-691 in Cheshire Friday morning for just under two hours. (02/11/12) 777 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 10, 2012 reads comments
Copper thieves caused an oil spill in Monroe. (02/10/12) 695 add
Folks in Naugatuck was frightened for their lives when bullets came flying through their home. (02/10/12) 712 add
A man riding his bicycle through an intersection in Hartford is now in critical condition after being hit by a car. (02/10/12) 766 add
Three handicapped friends were forced out of their Bridgeport apartment after failing to pay rent, but they say they had nowhere to go for help. (02/10/12) 913 add
Two firefighters were injured Thursday afternoon after a fire broke out in an East Main Street building. (02/10/12) 660 add
On Thursday, New Haven city officials held the first of three job fair pre- screening sessions designed to boost employment in the city. (02/10/12) 841 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 09, 2012 reads comments
Two Middletown residents were arrested on drug charges Wednesday. (02/09/12) 826 add
A man from East Haven will receive presidential honors. (02/09/12) 641 add
A local post office has abruptly closed it's doors, forcing more than 200 people to go some place else to handle their mail. (02/09/12) 709 add
Geologists at Yale University have proposed a new theory to describe the formation of supercontinents. (02/09/12) 1020 add
New Haven police have arrested three people in connection with a January stabbing. (02/09/12) 749 add
One person was shot and three police officers were hurt in a fight in Norwich Tuesday night. (02/09/12) 801 add
Two people are hospitalized in serious condition following a one car crash in Plainville late Tuesday night. (02/09/12) 865 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 08, 2012 reads comments
A 15-year-old Middletown High School student was taken to the hospital after being struck by a car. (02/08/12) 671 add
Police are searching for a missing Hamden man who was last seen on February 7th. (02/08/12) 877 add
Tuesday marked the two-year anniversary of the Kleen Energy explosion in Middletown. (02/08/12) 798 add
A large brush fire could be seen from I-91 North in New Haven. (02/08/12) 841 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 07, 2012 reads comments
A silver alert has been issued for a 14-year-old girl from Montville. (02/07/12) 525 add
A marijuana dealer, known by the street name of "Mama," was arrested Monday in Manchester. (02/07/12) 869 add
Police are investigating a body that was found in Middletown Monday evening. (02/07/12) 798 add
Researchers at Yale School of Medicine have described the genetic basis of endometriosis, a condition affecting millions of women. (02/07/12) 1540 1
After discovering a dead body inside a two-family home, police now say the male victim in his 40s was murdered. (02/07/12) 779 add
A teenager was killed when he fell 200 feet from the chin area of Sleeping Giant. (02/07/12) 972 add
Two people have been arrested after dragging a state trooper and a Plainfield police officer behind their vehicle on Friday night. (02/07/12) 896 add
The state and defense are set to begin picking jurors in the trial of a New London man charged with murdering two women in the late 1990s. (02/07/12) 799 add
Police have ruled the shooting death of a 20-year-old Norwalk man a homicide. (02/07/12) 840 add
In one year alone, over 4,500 children in the United States were hospitalized due to child abuse, and 300 of them died of their injuries. (02/07/12) 1053 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 06, 2012 reads comments
A man was taken to the hospital after falling from the Sleeping Giant in Hamden Sunday evening. (02/06/12) 856 add
Several families in Norwalk escaped an early morning blaze at a condo complex Sunday. (02/06/12) 813 add
A man was killed after crashing into a tree in Mansfield Sunday morning. (02/06/12) 836 add
A local musician, wanted on sex assault charges, was arrested in California Saturday after evading police for nearly two years. (02/06/12) 928 add
Connecticut governor: Expect no major changes to budget. (02/06/12) 638 add
Police are investigating an armed robbery that took place at a West Haven hotel Sunday morning. (02/06/12) 662 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 05, 2012 reads comments
A coalition of activists is drawing attention to allegations of racism at the Connecticut Juvenile Training School. (02/05/12) 632 add
A 20-year-old man was shot and killed in Norwalk Friday. (02/05/12) 883 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 04, 2012 reads comments
After Susan G. Komen for the Cure reversed its decision to defund breast cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood. (02/04/12) 636 add
A New Haven man caught on a federal wiretap was sentenced to two years in prison Friday for distributing crack cocaine. (02/04/12) 607 add
A missing baby and her mother were found in a motel in Norwalk just before 3 a.m. Friday morning. (02/04/12) 703 add
Firefighters quickly knocked down a house fire on Balmforth Avenue in Danbury that left 14 people without a home for the night. (02/04/12) 839 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 03, 2012 reads comments
2013 trial set in Connecticut police discrimination case. (02/03/12) 631 add
A Norwich man has been sentenced to 120 months in prison for illegal gun possession. (02/03/12) 674 add
The Bridgeport woman who police say caused a nightmarish tractor trailer crash Wednesday afternoon was on a crack binge. (02/03/12) 819 add
The principal of Clinton Avenue School is New Haven was placed on paid administrative leave. (02/03/12) 947 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 02, 2012 reads comments
The Red Cross is helping two families after a fire in Wallingford Wednesday night. (02/02/12) 594 add
A pedestrian died after being struck by a vehicle in Waterbury Wednesday night. (02/02/12) 850 add
Obesity and chronic liver disease can be triggered by a family of proteins that alter populations of microbes in the stomach. (02/02/12) 1210 add
Police in Derby are looking for a suspect who stabbed a clerk during an armed robbery. (02/02/12) 665 add
A pedestrian was severely injured after being hit by a car in Ellington. (02/02/12) 652 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 01, 2012 reads comments
A couple is changing their plans for a proposed 24-hour convenience store in New Haven, in the hopes that it will make officials and locals more welcoming. (02/01/12) 603 add
Hamden police are warning folks to be on alert after a brazen home invasion-type burglary in town. (02/01/12) 761 add
Police are investigating a shooting that took place in New Haven Tuesday afternoon. (02/01/12) 652 add
Police are looking for the suspect who shot and robbed a man on Monday night in West Haven. (02/01/12) 593 add
A woman was taken to Danbury Hospital after being hit by a car on Route 7 in New Milford. (02/01/12) 774 add
A man is wanted for allegedly taking photos of a woman from under her skirt while at a South Windsor Target. (02/01/12) 813 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 31, 2012 reads comments
An Easton farm owner was arrested on animal cruelty charges Thursday. (01/31/12) 787 add
A New London meat factory is closing up shop after being in business for 83 years. (01/31/12) 741 add
A 40-year-old local woman was arrested after police said she fled from a diner without paying her bill. (01/31/12) 743 add
Several ambulances were called to the scene of a school bus crash in Bridgeport on Monday afternoon. (01/31/12) 790 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 30, 2012 reads comments
The family of a teen who drowned in his high school swimming pool earlier this month has told officials they intend to file a lawsuit. (01/30/12) 824 add
Firefighters responded to a fire that knocked out second-floor windows at 672 Winchester Ave. around 4 p.m. Sunday afternoon. (01/30/12) 695 add
The need for emergency food, shelter and relief funds is stronger than ever throughout Greater New Haven and the Shoreline region. (01/30/12) 550 add
A 40-year-old city resident was arrested Saturday on charges he kidnapped and threatened to kill his girlfriend. (01/30/12) 496 add
When Len Gallo became the chief of the East Haven police in the summer of 1998, the department was in trouble over race relations. (01/30/12) 647 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 29, 2012 reads comments
A Middletown man swallowed a bag of crack cocaine, while being placed under arrest Friday. (01/29/12) 804 add
Rebecca Kline is planting the seeds of public support there for a community farm that could feed 250 people someday. (01/29/12) 593 add
Police are searching for a man wanted in connection with a sexual assault that occurred in Cheshire Saturday. (01/29/12) 686 add
Several hundred people turned out in Bridgeport Saturday to speak out against abortion, however, the message was not well-received by all. (01/29/12) 660 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 28, 2012 reads comments
A man in his early 60s lost control of a Buick LeSabre as he drove up Chapel Street Friday afternoon, sideswiping five parked cars before plowing into a Jeep. (01/28/12) 613 add
Tonight a vigil is being held in Bridgeport in memory of a homeless man who fell victim to a brutal murder involving cannibalism. (01/28/12) 864 add
New Haven Police Chief Dean Esserman announced command staff restructuring. (01/28/12) 580 add
A Yale quarterback who chose to play at a Hartford game instead of interviewing to be a Rhodes scholar is accused of sexual assault. (01/28/12) 750 add

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