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The purpose of our subscriber comments forum is to allow community members to discuss issues and share ideas. Edhat will edit or delete comments that it deems to be inappropriate, nonconstructive, or just plain mean. Subscribers who do not agree with this policy should not post comments on our board.

Specific Policies:


1. No quoting of other commenters - keep it original.

2. No direct insults of other commenters.

2a. No criticizing of writing style, punctuation, spelling, or grammar of commenters or columnists.

2b. No speculating about an anonymous commenters identity.

3. No derogatory comments, particularly ones against specific groups or races.

3a. No advocacy of harm or death on any specific person or groups, even bad ones.

4. No discussion of national politics - this board is for local issues only.

4a. No discussion of the Mexican Mafia, border patrol policies, or drug cartels

5. Any comments discussing Edhat editorial policy or business practices will be deleted (but, as of June 2010, not completely removed).

6. No speaking badly about dead people, especially if they just died (or have been seriously injured) and if they have friends and family in the community.

6a. No speculating on the circumstances of their death (or serious injury), especially if it is mean or judgmental.

7. No use of "bad words", abbreviations of bad words, or fill-ins.

8. Comments that mention Hitler, Nazis and tin foil hats will be deleted.

9. No ungrounded speculation and snippy comments on "What's Up" articles


11. Excessive ranting will be deleted. If you need to vent, please go here.

12. Comments that say "who cares," "nosy neighbor" and "why is this posted?" will be deleted.

13. For threads about major national news open for local discussion, we continue to delete comments focused on blame, credit, and other partisan issues. We want to let you know about huge news items, and we want to allow you to express your opinion about how these issues affect you and the local community. But, we do not want to let the discussion degrade into traditional left/right/center arguments found on traditional national websites.

14. Off topic comments will be deleted. Please keep the conversation focused on the issue discussed in the article.

15. Edhat reserves the right to delete any comment that is snippy, overly negative, off-base, and/or detracts from thoughtful discussion.

1. Threads with deleted comments will be identified at the bottom of the page.
2. Deleted comments can still be accessed by clicking on a link.
3. An approval process will be applied to commenters who get deleted frequently.

Our system will automatically truncate long comments from commenters. The amount of truncation is based on a formula that considers how many comments a particular person makes each day, and the total length of their comments.

Sometimes Edhat will post links to non-political articles that are not exclusively relevant to Santa Barbara. We do so because these stories are so large in scope that they dominate discussion among people in town. Even though these issues are being discussed in broader forums, we ask that you limit the discussion on Edhat to ways in which this news effects our community. Please refrain from discussing national themes, particularly blame and disgust.

We see these issues like the weather - global in scope, but still relevant to our small part of the world.


Please do not use the comments board to complain or inquire about deleted comments. If you have any questions about our policy, please send an email to ed@edhat.com


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