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Thali Too Downtown New Haven
updated: Jul 26, 2011, 10:41 PM

By Foodie Francine

While downtown with my friend who is vegan, we decided to try out Thali Too hidden behind the Yale bookstore. The decor inside made you feel special. We especially loved the HUGE frame on the brick wall with "Thali Too" on a light stencil inside of it!

We started off with an appetizer of "Hot Masala Fries" for $3. They were curly fries with a spicy, cayenne infused, seasoning on them that definitely set the mouth on fire even though we ordered them "medium"!

We both agreed on the same entree of "Haldiram Chole Bathura" which was a sort of spicy chick pea stew and it came with a side of deep fried naan bread. I couldn't get enough of this, however it did leave our fingers very greasy!

The service was above par, our waters were refilled every 5 minutes and the staff was very friendly! We'd highly recommend Thali Too to anyone in the downtown New Haven area craving Indian food!

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