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Dear Stella
updated: Aug 06, 2011, 1:15 PM

By Edhat Subscriber

Dear Stella,

The other day I was at the west haven town beach on my day off trying to relax in the sun with a book. It started out as a beautiful day until a mother with 3 kids showed up and set up their blanket right next to mine. That wasn't the bad part even though there was 100's of acres of empty sand what was bad is that the mother just laid out in the sun for hours while her kids were running around rampant! They were in and out of the water, they were fighting with each other and the worst part was they would run around me kicking up sand onto me. Maybe I'm a prude but I would never rely on a lifeguard that makes $10 an HR to supervise my kids. What do you think beach etiquette entails? Should I have said something to the mother?

Sandy in Staven


Dear Sandy in Staven,

Ugh that is the most ANNOYING thing ever! I don't think saying anything would have solved the problem, especially since you were in Staven. I think next time you should find the biggest, most red, jellyfish on the beach and "accidentally" drop it on her stomach. That is sure to make you feel like you got your point across. As for etiquette, if you want beach etiquette you should choose a beach anywhere but one in Staven. Have you ever met someone from Staven with etiquette??



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