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Ask Stella = Odor Issues
updated: Aug 13, 2011, 12:00 PM

By Edhat Subscriber

Dear Stella,

I am an administrative assistant at a facility that handles high volume calls in close quarters with other assistants. The woman who sits next to my desk is as sweet as can be but there is one problem - she has serious body odor issues... And it's even worse in the depth of summer (like were in now). Is there anything I can/should do or say to fill her in on her stench?

Plugging nose, Stench


Dear Stench,

Unfortunately you cant tell someone they stink because that would cause them to quit their job from embarassment and become an alcoholic and stink even more. You could just make the best of your circumstance by picking out your favorite scented air freshner that plugs in and releases the scent all day to cover up the coworkers stink (fyi, target has a nice selection). You could also spray yourself with your favorite body spray throughout the day and offer some to the coworker.

good luck! ~Stella


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