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Oaxaca Kitchen - Lets Be Honest
updated: Aug 13, 2011, 12:06 PM

By Foodie Francine

Oaxaca Kitchen - Lets Be Honest:

Recently we participated in New Haven's "Flights of Fancy", a wine tasting and shopping event that goes to local eateries and shops in downtown New Haven. Half way through the map we came upon Oaxaca Kitchen, a casual, elegant traditional Mexican restaurant. Being a fan of Thali Too, Indian restaurant I already knew that Chef Prasad had hit a home-run at Thali Too, However I was a bit weary for his Mexican stylings.

When we first arrived it was extremely busy and we did not have reservations. We had a party of 6 to accommodate. The only table available was RIGHT next to the "wine tasting table". We were understanding to this because after all it was during the "Flights of Fancy" and the turn out for that event was huge!

Our server greeted up promptly but it was hard to hear her because it was so loud in the restaurant, this also made small talk next to impossible unless you were shouting into your neighbor's ear.

We started with chips, salsa, and guacamole that was $10. Kind of pricey for some avocados but I must say once I tasted the guacamole here I was thoroughly impressed. This is a big deal having just come back from southern California where the Mexican food reigns supreme!

If you have a sensitive pallet and do not like spicy food I would stay away from Oaxaca. One in our party didmt care for spicy and she couldn't really eat anything. Even the chicken and cheese quesadillas were too spicy for her.

Someone in our party ordered the "Enchiladas de Langosta" A lobster filled tortilla, chopped tomato and onion sauce, with a poblano creme. This was just an appetizer and was $14, and to be honest we're not sure for what. There were two tiny pieces of lobster inside of the tortilla, it was a huge let down.

The "Bistec a la Parilla" Marinated & Grilled Hanger steak, Oaxaca Black Bean Sauce, Sweet Corn & Jalapeno pan juices. was amazingly delicious, I was not expecting what came out on my plate but I couldn't get enough of it. The steak was flavorful, juicy, and tender! For $21 it was worth it!

The biggest hit of the night was the fish and chicken tacos! Only $6 will get you two tacos, and I promise you will be craving them for days later! We are still talking about them!

We washed it all down with some Margaritas, that were prepared perfectly!

All in all Id say Oaxaca's ambiance is pretty cool, I'm sure once they have been opened for a while the small things that weren't pleasant will fade into the back.

Our hats off to Chef Prasad who has seemed to master the art of Indian & Mexican!

Oaxaca Kitchen 228 College Street New Haven, CT 06510 Website: http://www.thali.com/ok1.html

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