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Ask Stella
updated: Sep 07, 2011, 6:06 AM

By Stella


This weekend I was at a bar and there was an old guy hitting on me and all of my friends. Why do older men still go out and try and hit on women in their mid 20's? He was atleast 60. How do we say "leave us alone" with out being completely rude? Were looking for Mr. Right, not Father time!

signed ~



Oh dear Jailbait,

You must not be polite in these situations. My dear, you cannot be naive. Remember sweet little Natalee Halloway?? You need to be rude and just say "Get the *!@!# away from me you old perv!". Old men do this because they want action with a young hot hunny like yourself. They will do it until the day they die. They're men. What other behavior would you expect from them??



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