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Foodie Francine : Cafe George by Paula
updated: Sep 09, 2011, 10:07 AM

By Foodie Francine

As a lover of all things food related at times I can be considered a "food snob". I am aware of this, however... Some of my favorite places are hidden hole-in-the-walls. I LOVE finding new jaunts in the Greater New Haven area, and part of the reason why I love New Haven so much is because the food here, whether low priced or exorbitant always leaves you feeling fulfilled. Its comfort food, and I would stand up against the best of critics defending New Haven's culinary world.

Recently while poking around New Haven I was inside the building at 300 George St which is predominately a building for Yale New Haven Hospital employees. I turned a corner and came upon "Cafe George by Paula". It was early in the morning and I hadn't grabbed breakfast yet so i decided to give it a go. My order was simple Bacon, egg, and cheese on a hard roll with extra crisp bacon and a Mexican hot chocolate. I kid you not. HANDS DOWN the best breakfast sandwich I had ever had. The roll was fresh like it came right out of the oven. It was toasted with a thin layer of butter adding a burst of flavor. The bacon was thick and crispy the way I like it and the egg was cooked to that perfect consistently when the yolk is half hard and half soft (how do they do that?). Such a simple meal and it really did hit the spot. So much that I've gone back and re-ordered it several times this week! The Mexican hot chocolate was muey caliente! Which is as they had advertised it. I'm not sure how they got that hint of heat to the cocoa drink but it was delicious!

When I find a place I love I always google them. I had found that The New Haven Register as well as the New Haven Advocate had both written articles about Cafe George by Paula. Here are the links! http://cafegeorgebypaula.com/images/georgeregister_large.jpg & http://cafegeorgebypaula.com/images/georgedavocate_large.jpg.

I had noticed a bunch of deli sandwiches on boards so I decided I'd see if Cafe George could go 2 for 2 with me and I came back for lunch. One of the specials was Chicken Parmigiana. I thrive on Italian food. I was raised in an Italian family and no dish has ever compared to that of my own mother. New Haven is known for its amazing Italian cuisine so I thought I'd try out Cafe Georges take on this dish that has such high competition in these parts. From the moment I ordered, sat down and opened up my laptop it took 7 minutes for my chicken parm sub to arrive. I was amazed, let me repeat... AMAZED at the size of this sub that cost $7.00, which originally Ithought was a little over-priced for a deli type setting but once I had finished my meal I decided I wouldve even paid more for it because it was so delicious. The chicken was juicy and crispy, the sauce was vibrant red, and tasty. It wasn't jar sauce, you could tell it was home-made. In this area of the state you need to be able to make your own sauce to compete and Cafe George by Paula did just that. The bread was super fresh yet again and to top it all off it came with a side of pasta salad. i was only able to eat half of the sub and took the other half home for dinner and once again got to relive the comfort food feeling that Cafe George by Paula continuously delivered on a daily basis for me that week. Be sure to check out their website for daily specials and information on catering. Also Cafe George by Paula does deliver!

I highly recommend anyone walking around the Yale New Haven Hospital area to stop by and try out their food. You will not be disappointed! Hey you never know, I may just see you there!

Cafe George by Paula 300 George St New Haven, CT 06511

P) 203-777-1414 Catering Line) 203-848-1541 F) 203-777-1428 E) cafegeorge@hotmail.com www.cafegeorgebypaula.com


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